Greetings again!

Team =AB= is happy to indulge the enemy in more battles. Again, Hawg has stepped up to the plate to make Novalogic's Integrated Battle Space and  F-22 L3 look better than ever! Enemies and allies should be familiar with his unique Mig-29 DSL hosted room, as well as F-22 Lightning 3, which adds variety to the current public hosting from  Nova's lobby, as well as more fun. Join in on the action. Hawg has made things run smoothly, not only for us, but for Novalogic as well. Incidentally, Rockominal has also been hosting IBS battles during the week called, .. "America's Best". Go figure. 

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Yet another Hawg=AB= L3 Win

What is interesting and amazing about photos that we have, such as this one, is the these not only capture the event itself, but also provides information about Nova's fighter pilots, from any country, with their exact call signs that most people have forgotten about. That includes the pilots themselves.