It's been quite awhile in getting to the basics of  Novalogic's installation instructions, but most of that is already available from their website anyway. Unfortunately, many times you will probably be sent to the Valve corps. steam website, which has absolutely nothing to do with anyone resolving their multiplayer issues and getting online with these titles. The F-22 Lightning 3 Updater is still the most important thing to do with this particular title: . Also, don't forget your port range and forwarding: .

    As far as  F-16 MRF, Mig-29 Fulcrum are concerned, the Nglide video card emulator is the best add-on, which you can see from most of your message board comments which, apparently, is the case for just about all of these older titles. Since some of the download websites are virus prone, and with trash click-on links to boot,  we have provided a link to download the Nglide wrapper from this site. The F-22 Lightning 3 multiplayer issue has been resolved for quite some time now. You can check the following server for whoever is currently hosting: . If anyone is interested in hosting the F-16 or Mig-29 Fulcrum matches from your internet IP, or ours, in the multiplayer menu, please go ahead and e-mail us using the contact form.

   Also, our =AB= forum is open to anyone for comments, questions, or anything else.  No passwords to memorize or jumping through hoops in order to sign up and  join anything whatsoever just to post comments.

Just go to the Novalogic product page  for ordering or more information.

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