We are pleased to announce that America's Best Squadron  is hosting Mig-29 Fulcrum and F-16 MRF online, using the Radmin VPN and server. Anyone can now join us, or one of the many public networks hosted on Radmin. This is the best thing we've ever seen since Novalogic dropped their servers to all their titles, and the best alternative and solution to multiplayer hosting, bar none. Radmin would probably be a better alternative for people scrambling and scraping together whatever they can (SimConnect's.dll) to make up for Gamespy dropping  everyone using microsoft's FSX online, and left them  holding the bag. Just one port forward for Radmin, which is 4899. That's it.  Allow the  service through your firewall, of course. Since these titles had LAN, IPX, and not just a web based server connection, Radmin is made to order for hosting these titles. From the public network  list, you can obviously see who is on. No need to go to  some other website viewer, download and install software,  (FS "host" viewer, or anything else), just to see who is online.. The Radmin VPN panel does it all. Just look through the list, and it's all there. If you don't see what you want, just go to the public network side of the panel where it asks:  "Which game would you like to play?" Simply type F-16, or Mig-29 in the search bar. The online rooms list will be dramatically filtered down just with the first letters you typed. (Just type in "Delta", for example, and watch what other Novalogic titles come up in the list). Anyone there, including you, can host any one of those Novalogic  titles from there. Scroll down to see the pictures of the  F-16MRF and Mig-29 Fulcrum join  multiplayer examples, using the IP address from the Radmin VPN/server host, at the time, which happens to be us.  Hawg=AB= will be doing this, starting at 5:00PM eastern time, as well as the "COOL2-059" server at some other times, which is online at  F-16MRF. When you double click on any IP of anyone in these rooms, it will tell you if they have the server installed, whether they are hosting something, or not. Since it's been a long time, to say the least, since anyone has hosted ANY of these titles, we have provided both in our multiplayer join, and host screens for the  F-16MRF (blue picture), and Mig-29 Fulcrum, (slate green picture).. No other add-ons to do this, and no file editing needed. We are very happy to cut through the clutter of disinformation, and misinformation on every message board that exists on the internet, on how to get online and join these servers.  Radmin's VPN has done just that. We give credit where credit is due.  https://www.radmin-vpn.com/




Here is some information on  port range and forwarding: http://www.novalogic.com/router.asp .

    As far as  F-16 MRF, Mig-29 Fulcrum are concerned, the Nglide video card emulator is the best for these titles. We've provided the link to nGlide here. If you need help getting online with  F-22 Lightning 3 which is hosted online here:  http://nw2.novaworld.net/L3KLOBBY1_CUS.HTM  , go ahead and ask us about that in the =AB= forum, since you will need to change the netsock.dll, and modify/change the browser and startup.htm pages in your L3 folder. 

   Also, our =AB= forum is open to anyone for comments, questions, or anything else.  No passwords to memorize or jumping through hoops in order to sign up and  join anything whatsoever just to post comments.

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Just go to the Novalogic product page  for ordering or more information.